Adventures of Pepper & Paula DVD
$15 + s/h
Based on the true life adventures of Pistol Packin Paula and her dog, Pepper. Paula, a world champion gunslinger and the star of a live action wild west show, is on top of the world. When her world literally comes to a crash in the form of a horrible accident, it is up to her best friend, her dog Pepper, to save her.

Gun Twirling For Beginners DVD
$14.95 + s/h
Pistol Packin Paula is the best known Lady Gun Spinner in the world!! For many years she has been asked to share tips about her gun handling that she's now taking her Colt .45's into your home so you can start spinning too!!!

Learn how to do: Spins: side, helicopter, and the butterfly

Flips: hand to hand, border shift, to the barrel, and over the shoulder. Then put it back into your holster smoothly!!!!

Giddy UPPP! with Paula�s Story Coloring Book
$7.95 + s/h
Get your copy of a 39 page coloring book about Paula and the gang and see how she saves the day!

Autographed Picture of Paula
$5.00 + s/h
Get your very own autographed picture of Pistol Packin' Paula. Or for just $4.95 more, get it with the coloring book below.

Coloring Book /w Autographed Picture of Paula
Get your copy of a 39 page coloring book along with an autographed picture of Pistol Packin' Paula.

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