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New Movie! The Adventures of Pepper and Paula!

The Adventures of Pepper and Paula is the story about Paula, a world champion gunslinger and the star of a live action wild west show. She is on top of the world, but when her world literally comes to a crash in the form of a horrible accident, it is up to her best friend, her dog Pepper, to save her.

Kylie, a new young attractive female cowgirl, joins the cast to help liven up the show. But she's up to no good and it's up to Pepper to run that little filly out of town. The result is a fun, action packed, heart warming story that the entire family can enjoy. Filmed in 2013 and released in 2015.

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Paula Also Makes An Appearing in the band Seether's Music Video of "Country Song"

Filmed at Enchanted Springs Ranch, Paula is the one in the blue dress and blonde wig!

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Kids can enjoy an adventure with Paula and her trail buddies while coloring them along the way. Plus on the back the kids can create their own adventures with cut out figures of the whole gang.

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Pistol Packin' Paula is not just the girl next door. When Pistol Packin' Paula gets ready for work, she grabs her nickel plated .45 Cimarrons and her bull whips - not a briefcase. She twirls and shoots her gun like Annie Oakley. She cracks her bull whips like Calamity Jane.

Growing up in Connecticut, Paula didn't give much thought to cowgirlin', guns or horses, but that would soon change...


Being the type of person who sets her sights on something and goes for it, she first decided to become a stuntwoman.  She went to stunt school to learn high falls, roof rolls, car hits, and saddle falls. She even learned to be set on fire! It was here that Paula showed interest in the skill that would change her life. She saw the guys twirling guns and asked them to show her how to do it. They all told her that it was no use for her to try because her hands were simply too small to twirl real guns. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Paula set out to prove them wrong so she taught herself. And boy, did she ever!

After graduating from stunt school, with $50 in her pocket, Paula headed west to follow her dream. In 1990, she landed a job as a stuntwoman at Rawhide Western Town in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This is where she began twirling guns professionally and became Pistol Packin' Paula, western performer. Paula is the only woman in the U.S. who twirls real guns professionally. She twirls two .45 Cimarron revolvers and twirls them into her fancy custom-made holster by Alfonso of Hollywood. Her one-woman show includes gun twirling, cracking bullwhips made by Simon Martin and then she caps it off with a foot-stomping wild west dance that puts a showgirl to shame.  She has now expanded her skills to include her horses Jake and Tonto.  Her performances, both live and on television, have been enjoyed around the world. Paula also performs around the country portraying Annie Oakley in special events and Wild West Shows.

In 2005, she packed up her things, including her two horses, Jake and Tonto, and hit the dusty trail to Texas. She set up camp and settled at Enchanted Springs Ranch, an active western movie set & western venue for parties, where she still resides today.

In 2006, Paula drove up the trail to Claremore, Oklahoma to compete for a World Champion Gun Spinning title. Well, low and behold she won her first World Championship presented by WILD WEST ARTS CLUB!

In 2007, Paula drove all the way to Nashville to rescue an Australian Cattle dog who she named Pepper. The bond was instant and life was great for him on the ranch. In 2008, just as her career was starting to blossom, Paula and her dog, Pepper, were in a major roll-over accident that almost ended her career. She endured multiple fractures on her pelvis, ribs and a bruised lung, but to her relief, Pepper was fine. He was a hero and went for help. After six months of recovery and the help of many friends and fans, she was determined to get on her feet and perform again.

In 2008 thru 2018 Paula performed at Enchanted Springs Ranch, an active western movie set/western venue for parties, in Boerne, Texas. In between those years she accomplished several things. In 2009, Paula got back in the saddle and headed to Las Vegas to compete for another World Champion Gun Spinner title. All though there was stiff competition, she won her second world championship and was presented with an award by the Wild West Performing Arts Society! She is the first and the only woman to win this title. Her goal now is to help children develop self-esteem, encourage them to deal with everyday challenges and most of all, follow their dreams. Paula's philosophy is simple; "The only way to succeed, is to keep on trying; you never know what is possible."

In 2011 she came out with her first book which was a coloring book too called "GIDDY-UPPP with Paula" then in 2013 she filmed her "first" movie "The Adventures of Pepper and Paula" base on your real life story at the Ranch which came out in 2015. Paula keeps on going following her dreams and goals because now she is trying to create her own children's variety show, so watch out!

Paula has successfully made a living as a western performer and has performed for many legends like David Carradine, Louise Mandrell, Melissa Gilbert, Tony Robbins, Henry Thomas, Howard Stern, Brian Howe "Bad Company", and Cedric The Entertainer and other performers around the world.

For many years, Paula has been asked to share tips about her gun handling. So she decided to make her own video teaching people how to gun twirl which can be ordered on this website, "Gun Twirling for Beginners". Check it out!

Some show credits include:
  • Enchanted Springs Ranch Boerne, Texas
  • CBS and RFD "Texas Country Reporter"
  • ABC Extreme Make Over Home Edition Specials
  • Music video by the Seether Band "Country Song"
  • NBC America's Got Talent Season 8
  • "Drunking History" the Comedy Channel
  • Rawhide Western Town - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Buffalo Bill's Casino & Resort,
    Las Vegas
  • The Hacienda Hotel, Las Vegas
  • Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas
  • The Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas
  • Star Dust Hotel, Las Vegas
  • AVI Casino & Resort, Laughlin NV
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Ponderosa Ranch, Nevada
  • The S.A.S.S. End of the Trail, CA, and Winter Range, AZ
  • Louise Mandrell's Celebrity Shoot
    Nashville, TN
  • ETV on E Channel
  • The Western Channel
  • Has made appearances on
    "Good Morning Arizona"
  • "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".
  • "Wild West Tech" on the History  Channel
  • Western Film Festival & Little House on the Prairie Reunion, Tombstone, AZ
  • San Antonio Living on NBC
         No wonder Pistol Packin' Paula is "The Best Lady Gun Spinner" in the U.S.

Pistol Packin' Paula is available for commercials, video, TV and movie work. Also, her award winning twenty five minute show using her .45 nickel-plated Cimarrons and two 6' bullwhips which move and crack in excess of 750 miles per hour is available for conventions, western theme parties and special events. The audience will sense the danger and excitement in her fast paced and exhilarating show.

So you can now see the true flavor of the Wild West performed not only by a woman, but a world class entertainer as well.

JANUARY 10TH, 2008

Pepper and I would like to personally thank you for all your prayers, concerns, and your financial support. It helped me with some of the medical bills plus I was finally able to put a down payment on a safe new truck for us. So, thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Happy Twirlin'!

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