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  doc.1/16/2004  3:52:55 PM   
From:  gloucester. uk  

How'd Ya Get Here?
Have You Seen Paula Live? 

Comments: best for new year.

  Aunt Carol & Uncle John1/3/2004  12:23:30 AM   
From:  Spanaway WA  

How'd Ya Get Here? surfing
Have You Seen Paula Live? 

Comments: Paula, we are so proud of you! Everyone wants you to come and do a show near do we. Hope you'll soon get back up to the Pacific Northwest again. Thanks so-o-o-o much for the pictures! Love ya....

  Sera B Trapani1/2/2004  12:07:06 PM   
From:  Fairfield, CTY\  

How'd Ya Get Here? google
Have You Seen Paula Live? Yes

Comments: I hope you remember me - my name is Sera and I am one of your biggest fans. I used to live next door to Rawhide and saw you every day with my Dad. I am in Arizona and will stop by today to say Hi!

  Brittany Kane1/1/2004  6:28:20 PM   
From:  Enfield, CT  

How'd Ya Get Here? Steve Saletnik
Have You Seen Paula Live? 

Comments: I am Brittany Kane. I'm your nephew's, Steve, girlfriend of 7 months. We saw you on the Jay Leno show and thought it was great. Steve says hi and Happy New Year.

  Tony Healy12/26/2003  11:25:14 PM   
From:  Vernon, CT  

How'd Ya Get Here? 1st - Tonight Show then to Google
Have You Seen Paula Live? 

Comments: You put a smile on my face!

  Mona Decker12/12/2003  3:18:22 AM   
From:  Germany  

How'd Ya Get Here? search engine
Have You Seen Paula Live? 

Comments: thanks for providing this information - Mona

  Bill Muse12/7/2003  6:36:18 AM   
From:  Seattle  

How'd Ya Get Here? Goooooooooooooooooooogle
Have You Seen Paula Live? Yes

Comments: Your web site could stand more photos, maybe even an MPEG of you in action. You're a good-lookin' gal; show off a little. A bio would also be interesting. After seeing you at Rawhide, I wanted to know "How does someone up and decide to do that for a living?"

  Laurie (Maher) Moreno & Family12/2/2003  7:29:57 PM   
From:  Maine  

How'd Ya Get Here? yahoo
Have You Seen Paula Live? Yes

Comments: Hey Paula, We're finally getting around to emailing our hello. Congrats on your latest award(s)! It was great to see you this past February in AZ. Hope all is well and hope to see you again soon... Laurie, Chris, Cassie & Chip

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